Rent Historic Fort Worth is proudly Fort Worth owned and operated. The owner grew up here, off of Camp Bowie on the west side of town.

We have been acquiring single family homes and vintage apartment buildings in historic Fort Worth neighborhoods since 2011 and have a total of 32 doors now -- everything from tiny houses to big homes -- each beautiful and quirky. Everything we own is over 106 years old and we are proud as heck to have them.

Our properties are located in three neighborhoods: The Farimount National Historic District which is near Fort Worth's hospitals, TCU, Magnolia Avenue and downtown; the West Byers Neighborhood a block off the red bricks on Camp Bowie and near the museums and the Cultural District, the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base and downtown; and the North Side, just north of downtown and home to Fort Worth's Stockyards.

All of our properties (expect for a couple) were derelict when we bought them, nearly falling in or down. We pulled them back from the brink and restored them, often using dumpster dive and up-cycled materials and the talents of local tradesmen and craftsmen, many of whom live in the neighborhoods we have houses in.

If you're looking for beautiful spaces with light and air that are very different from the places you've ever lived, please contact us.

Hopefully we'll have a space that works for you.

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drop us a line.