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Are any of our buildings for sale?

Nothing's for sale, sorry! But if you have an historic property to sell, please reach out and we'll come take a look. We tend to buy properties that are torn up and then we put our own sweat and tears into fixing them.

How long's the lease? How much?

Each of our tenants are on a signed, 12-month, pretty usual, Texas residential leases. Just to help keep our tenants' privacy private, we don't give out the prices of our spaces until they go up for rent.


Where are our buildings? What kind of spaces are they?
We're in three historic Fort Worth neighborhoods: the Historic Fairmount Neighborhood just off of Magnolia Avenue; the West Byers neighborhood just off the red bricks of Camp Bowie Boulevard; and the Historic North Side, a block up from North Side Drive. Everything we have is over 100 years old and likely different than any place you've ever lived before. We have studios, tiny houses, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom spaces.


Are WE realtors and do we represent properties not on this website?

We are lots and lots and lots of things, but alas, we are not realtors. We only talk with authority about the properties we own -- the ones on this web site. We have our hands plenty full enough with those.

Do we work with realtors?

Sure! We have a great relationship with several realtors in Fort Worth. We pay them a flat fee if they send us a tenant who signs a year-long lease.


When do we know if an apartment opens up and when do we start showing it?

We know 50 days before the lease-end date if the current tenant is staying or leaving. Lease-end dates are listed on each property page on this website (here you go). We sometimes do sometimes don't know before the 50 day mark. Best thing to do is call us or fill out the Drop Us a Line form (at the bottom of each website page) as soon as you're interested. We'll take your info down on this crazy sprawly spread sheet (kidding) and get back with you. Sometimes, an apartment suddenly opens up outside of the regular cycle and we fill it by going down our list of folks who have contacted us, posting the opening on the home page and putting it up on Facebook. You can also call Alyssa or email her (817) 822-9009 Alyssa@RentHistoricFortWorth.com. And NO! you are NOT bothering us if you keep reaching out. We hope what we have and our timeline lines up with what you're looking for.


How much to move in?

We take a deposit equal to one month's rent plus your first month's rent before you move in. Your first month's rent will either be a full or partial month, depending on when your lease starts. When we sit and sign the lease, you'll pay your deposit. On the first of the month you're moving in, you'll pay your rent. You'll also have to set up the utilities in your name.

Pets? Parking? Utilities? All bills paid?

We love tiny dogs and cats. If you've got a snake or bird or lizard, they can come too. We don't have any all bills paid places and each tenant keeps utilities in their name. A few places have only one water meter so each tenant pays $35 directly to the landlord each month for it. Most places have street parking, a few have off street, none of them are covered or behind gates.


Who's behind Rent Historic Fort Worth anyway?

We are a Fort Worth owned company. 

The owner grew up off of Camp Bowie Boulevard with three brothers, assorted dogs and with some kind of tree house or fort or tire-swing-propelling-catapulting-contraption in the works. After high school, she went to Austin College in Sherman, Texas and majored in Fine Art and Political Science (Go Roos!). For graduate school, she went to the University of Texas in Austin and earned a master's degree in Anthropology (Hook 'em Horns!). 

Rent Historic Fort Worth always tries to hire local tradesmen — local as in they live in our neighborhood or down the street from the house we're working on — and we try as hard as we can to trade with other Fort Worth owned companies before we trade with anyone else.

We are old school and full-on Fort Worth proud.

We continue to purchase interesting properties and are sworn to the idea that Fort Worth should stay as Fort Worth as possible, and that locally owned businesses are where it's at.

We got the 2017 Great Steward Award


the most awesomest-historicist-preservationist organization in town


for our

"vision, restoration work and business model"

yay us!!

The Fort Worth Business Press did a Story on Us

<check it out>

You can always call or text Alyssa at (817) 822-9009 or email her at Alyssa@RentHistoricFortWorth.com



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