Some great locally owned business in Fort Worth

3H Hardware - In the Fairmount National Historic District, an old school hardware store with everything from sinks and lamps to flashlights and fitting for your claw foot tub. (817) 926-8443

Boswell Glass - We get most of our window glass here, and they've repaired the screen on some of our screen doors too. Second generation business. (817) 923-8601

North Main Recycling - Scrap metal gets gathered, sorted, crushed, then taken to this place. Rent Historic Fort Worth tries as hard as we can not to throw stuff out (when we re-do houses and buildings, we accumulate lots of stuff), so we donate what we can, sell some of it, and scrap all of the metal here.

Texas Boot and Saddlery - Leather shoe and boot repair. Rent Historic Fort Worth has taken them strappy high heels -- the part over the toes holding onto the soles by next to nothing -- and these fine men have put them back together again.

Texas Tire City - They will fix your flat tire!


Some great cultural stuff in Fort Worth

Public Knowledge - A free adult lecture series organized by the good folks at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Monthly held at local pubs and bars around town.

Magnolia at the Modern - Films you won't see any place else in Fort Worth are show most weekends at the Museum of Modern Art

Arts Goggle and Open Street - They shut Magnolia Avenue down and fill the street with artists' booths, pets for adoption, food . Come on!

Fort Worth's museums (Most of these museums have several free admission days every month)


Some great city Run stuff

Fort Worth Trinity Trails --  bike and walking trails along the Trinity River

City of Fort Worth Community Centers -- pick up basketball games, elliptical machines and weight rooms, organized exercise classes ... a single inexpensive membership gets you into all of these around town for a year

City of Fort Worth Golf Course and Driving Ranges -- Affordable golf to satiate your golf urges


Some Animal Stuff

Russell Feed Store on Jacksboro Highway - feed, shots, bedding, treats and everything else for your animals

Vaccination Station - low low low cost rabies shots, flea, tick and heartworm meds for your dogs and cats run out of a trailer in the Russell Feed Store parking lot

Low cost spay and neuter - for your dogs and cats

Good Neighbors Animal Rescue -- Our Fairmount neighbors take feral cats, neuter and spay them, then adopt them out. They have itty bitty all the way up to adult animals.


Some Building materials up-cycle Stuff

Habitat for Humanity Restore - Loaded with second hand everything-you-could-think-of when re-doing a house. When Rent Historic Fort Worth pulls stuff out of our houses, we end up donating a lot of those things here. Most of the time we pick up something we like better that someone else pulled out of their place. Big circle goodness.