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Blue Twin ready to rent this summer

Built around 1910, these two shotgun house beauties were originally used as housing for a series of butchers who worked down the street in the Stockyards. (FYI - A shotgun house is narrow — typically 12 feet wide — with one room one after another. You go through the living room to get to the bedroom, to get to the kitchen, to get to the bathroom. You can see the back door from the front one.)

~ Sized for one person. Tiny dogs and all cats welcome. ~


Blue Twin

Ready this summer

This little house is so cute and just right for a single person or a couple. It’s got lots of light and feels bigger than it is because of the high ceilings and windows.

  • About 630 square feet

  • One bed and one bath

  • Hardwood floors

  • Front porch


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